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What kinds of microSD card can I use with my FLIR FX™?

FLIR FX™ requires a microSD card to access recording and many other features of the camera. The minimum size microSD card you can use with FLIR FX is 8GB, and the maximum size is 64GB.

microSD cards must be either Class 10 or UHS Class 1 or 3 to work properly with the camera. This indicates that the microSD card can support real-time video recording at 1080p. Using a card with a lower class is not recommeded as it may affect the performance of the camera.

As quality may vary widely between different manufacturers of microSD cards, it is recommended to purchase a microSD card from one of these major brands: Adata, Kingston, Kingmax, Sandisk, SP, Transcend, and Toshiba.

After inserting a new microSD card into the camera, it is recommended to format the microSD card. See "How do I format the microSD card?" for details.

How do I tell what class my microSD card is?

The class of your microSD card is shown inside a "C" shaped mark. Your microSD card should have the number 10 inside the C to indicate it is ok to use with FLIR FX.

If your microSD card has a UHS class, it is shown inside a "U" shaped mark. If your microSD card has a 1 or 3 inside the U, it is also ok to use with FLIR FX.

Last Updated: 4/1/2015