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How much video can I store on the microSD card on my FLIR FX™?

The amount of video you can store on the microSD card depends on the size of the microSD card and the recording type. See the chart below for an approximation of the amount of recordings you can save to your microSD card.

microSD Card Size

Motion/audio Event Videos*

Manual Recording



1.5 Hr



3.3 Hr



7.75 Hr



 13 Hr

*Number of video clips saved triggered by motion or audio events. Each event clip is 50 seconds.

NOTE: Event video clips will be saved to FLIR Cloud if you have a subscription plan and the camera is connected to Wi-Fi. FLIR Cloud will retain event videos for up to 2 days for a BASIC plan, 7 days for a PLUS plan, or 30 days for a PREMIUM plan.

Disclaimer: The storage capacity of the microSD card sizes listed above is estimated and will vary according to the recording type selected.

Last Updated: 6/25/2014