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Get to know your FLIR Secureindoor camera

See below for an explanation of the parts and functions of your FLIR Secure indoor camera.

  1. Status LED:
    • Steady Red: Camera is starting up or resetting.
    • Slow-Flashing Red: The router or network that the camera is connected to is down. Check your router settings.
    • Steady Blue: Camera is connected to FLIR Cloud services.
    • Fast-Flashing Blue: Firmware upgrade in progress. DO NOT UNPLUG YOUR CAMERA.
    • Slow-Flashing Blue: Camera setup in progress.
    • Slow-Flashing Blue / Red: Camera is ready for set-up.
    • LED Off: Camera is in privacy / covert mode, or is turned off.

  2. Camera Lens
  3. Speaker: Allows you to talk through your camera from your mobile device using 2-way-talk.
  4. Microphone: Allows you to hear the area around the camera.
  5. Night Vision LED

  6. microUSB Power Port
  7. Reset Button
  8. microSD Card Memory Slot
  9. microUSB Power Cable Clip: Secure the USB power cable with this clip.
  10. Camera Base

  11. QR Code: Scan during Wi-Fi setup (for Android users only) using the FLIR Secure app.
  12. Device ID
  13. Mounting Plate: Enables the camera to be mounted to a wall. The mounting plate can be removed from the camera.

Last Updated: 9/2/2016