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Get to know your FLIR FX (outdoor case)

See below for an explanation of the parts and functions of your FLIR FX when connected to the outdoor mount.

  1. Latch: Lock or unlock camera inside mount. Both latches must be firmly locked to ensure weatherproof rating of the mount.
  2. Accessory Connector: Connect the camera all the way for outdoor installation.
  3. Outdoor Night Vision LEDs: See further in the dark.

  4. Lens Cover: Keep the lens cover clean using a slightly damp cloth. Don't use chemical cleaners as they may damage the lens cover.
  5. Microphone: Record sound and communicate
  6. Speaker: Communicate via 2-way intercom.

  7. Adjustment Ring: Loosen to adjust the horizontal position of the camera.
  8. Vertical Adjustment Screw: Loosen to adjust the vertical position of the camera.
  9. Sunshade: Push towards the back of the camera to remove sunshade.

  10. Twist Adjustment Screw: Loosen to twist the camera head around the stand.
  11. Temperature Sensor
  12. Mounting Holes: Mount the camera to the wall or ceiling.
  13. Power Cable: Run the power cable through the cable notch on the stand or through the wall.

    CAUTION: Make sure the power connector and power outlets are protected from the elements when installing.

Last Updated: 12/15/2014