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Get to know your FLIR FX (dash mount)

See below for an explanation of the parts and functions of your FLIR FX when connected to the dash mount stand.

  1. Suction Cup
  2. Lock: Screw counterclockwise to unlock ball and socket adjustment or clockwise to lock.
  3. Ball and Socket
  4. Accessory Connector: Attach camera all the way to enable car recording mode.
  5. Microphone: Records audio.
  6. Speaker: Not used in car recording mode.
  7. Record Button: Flashes red to indicate normal car recording in progress. Flashes orange and red to
    indicate emergency recording. Press Record Button to activate emergency recording.

  8. microUSB: Camera will automatically turn on when it detects USB power while on dash mount. It is recommended to keep the camera plugged in at all times during car recording mode.
  9. MicroSD: 8GB to 64GB microSD card with at least 3GB free required for car recording mode. Class 10 card required.

  10. Suction Cup Lever: Pull up to unlock suction cup and push down to lock suction cup.
  11. Power Button: Press to power on, hold to power off.
  12. Wi-Fi Button: Wi-Fi is disabled by default when camera is attached to dash mount. Press and hold for 5 seconds to turn Wi-Fi on or off.

    NOTE: Car recording is disabled when Wi-Fi is turned on.

  13. Direct Mode/Cloud Mode LED: Direct Mode and Cloud Mode are disabled when the camera is attached to the dash mount.


Last Updated: 12/15/2014