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FLIR Secure™ indoor camera's night vision LEDs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the FLIR Secure™ indoor camera have an IR cut filter?

A: Yes, the FLIR Secure™ indoor camera includes an IR cut filter.

Q: My camera is clicking when the night vision turns on. Is this normal?

A: Yes, the clicking occurs when the IR cut filter engages or disengages and indicates it is working normally.

Q: I see a bright ring in the nighttime picture. What is causing this?

A: This is caused by the camera being installed behind a window. The IR light from the camera will reflect off the glass and cause glare in the nighttime image.

It is possible to disable the night vision in the camera by changing Night Vision to Off in the Settings menu. However, this means you will not get a picture if there is not enough light.

Last Updated: 7/29/2016