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FLIR Secure App Interface

Home Screen

  1. Tap to add new devices or create new groups.
  2. Tap to view the FLIR Secure™ app information. You can also log out from the app in this screen by tapping Log Out.
  3. Tap any camera to view live video from it

Live View

  1. Camera Name
  2. Tap to view recorded videos.
  3. Double-tap to zoom in. Turn your mobile device sideways to view in landscape mode, or hold upright to view in portrait mode.
  4. Tap to disable live video, video recording, and push notifications. Tap again to enable the disconnected camera.
  5. Tap to open camera settings screen.
  6. Use this feature for two-way communication between the camera and the mobile device through the app. For example, you can talk and listen to individuals near the camera from behind closed doors for added security.
  7. Tap to start / stop manual recording.
  8. During single-channel live view, tap to take a screenshot. Your mobile device must be in portrait mode.

Last Updated: 7/28/2016