How do you ensure video on FX is secure? 


Regardless if you are on an open or insecure Wi-FI network, FLIR FX encrypts all video transmitted from the camera to FLIR Cloud or client SW, e.g. Mobile devices. Each FLIR FX device features its own specific key that can only be found on the actual camera, meaning that an intruder would need to know your account name, account password, that specific key and camera password to view or capture stored data.


This key, along with a certificate use to authenticate the server and to produce per-session encryption keys, ensures that no matter what device you are using (Android or iOS) you know your video is secure.


Furthermore, FLIR FX utilizes Amazon’s S3 for video storage on the cloud. With its state-of-the-art electronic surveillance with multi-factor access control, the data is protected within Amazon data centers staffed by highly trained and credentialed security personnel 24/7.  In concert with Amazon, absolute privacy is maintained and content is secure. 


In accordance with legal precedent, a very few select FLIR executives may access video data but only where required by law. FLIR maintains strict technical barriers and company-wide policies to prevent any and all unauthorized access to video data and to the device itself. It is the device owner who ultimately decides where, when and who may access video data and its our goal to vigorously protect this right within the rules of the law.


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