Wifi Home Security Camera with 2K Super HD resolution


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  Wifi Home Security Camera with 2K Super HD resolution
Wifi Home Security Camera with 2K Super HD resolution

Meet The FLIR Secure HD WiFi Security Camera

wireless and wired security camera system combination

The FLIR Secure Super HD WiFi Security Camera is a powerhouse security camera designed to be up and running in minutes. It is packed full of industry leading features, such as 2K video resolution, excellent night vision, and even an ultra-wide angle lens. Connect it to our FLIR Secure app for live remote viewing, cloud recording, and our exclusive RapidRecap® functionality. Not only can this camera help defend your home from invasions, it can let you know when your kids get home from school or check in on your sleeping baby.

FLIR Secure Super HD WiFi Security Camera




Double the resolution of HD 1080p



See in complete darkness



Ideal for monitoring wide indoor areas



Maximum capacity 1 x 64GB hard drive

FLIR FXC 2K home camera

2K Super HD resolution

As far as portable home monitoring goes, the FLIR Secure Super HD WiFi Security Camera (FXC) is in a league of its own. It records up to 2K resolution (2680 x 1440) - double that of 1080p. Higher resolution not only provides you with more clarity, it also enhances the quality of the digital zoom function (giving you a better chance to capture useful evidence (such as distinct facial features.)

FLIR Secure app for FLIR FX-C home WiFi camera

Introducing the FLIR Secure app

This WiFi security camera works with our brand new FLIR Secure app. FLIR Secure allows you to easily view live video from virtually anywhere in the world, take advantage of our exclusive RapidRecap® feature, and enjoy other in-app functionality like event timelines, plus instant push notifications for motion and sound activity.

RapidRecap with FLIR FX-C


Use the timeline section within the FLIR Secure app to harness the power of our exclusive RapidRecap® functionality. RapidRecap summarizes the day's security footage into a short video summary by combining all motion events onto your screen at the same time, while timestamping lets you see when each event occurred.

RapidRecap with FLIR FX-C


Customize specific zones to monitor, and receive motion-activated push notifications - all from within the FLIR Secure app. For example, SmartZone makes it easy to focus a security camera on a high-traffic doorway while being able to ignore irrelevant traffic from the street outside. This can help keep your inbox clear, and your phone's battery full.

FLIR Cloud™ subscription plans

Enter the device settings within the FLIR Secure™ app to choose your subscription plan.

Free FLIR Cloud account



Recording & video history up to 2 days

10 GB


Stores all your video recordings



Review your videos in a minute

8 HR


Go back
up to 2 days


Premium FLIR Cloud account



Recording & video history up to 30 days



Stores all your video recordings



More accurate motion detection



Review everything,

WiFi camera with best night vision

Keeping watch, through the night

The FXC is not your typical home monitoring camera, especially when it comes to monitoring at night. The FXC sees up to 40 feet (12 meters) in the dark. It uses a convenient infrared cut filter (ICF) that automatically switches between capturing full-color daytime security video, to crisp black and white infrared video at night.

FLIR FXC night vision range
What is HDR - high dynamic range

Enhanced security monitoring with HDR

Your FLIR secure camera uses HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that works to ensure you capture the most important details, regardless of lighting conditions. Dynamic range is measured as the difference between the brightest point and the darkest point of the video. HDR technology uses this difference to automatically adjust the picture's brightness, resulting in optimized, highly-detailed security video.

WiFi camera with best night vision

Ultra wide field of view lets you see more

See the whole scene, rather than just a section of it. Other home monitoring cameras simply don't compare to the FXC's 155° ultra wide field of view. A security camera with a lens this wide can make all the difference. What you get is more security coverage, and security coverage that can detect motion earlier, which gives you more time to react, and more details to work with.

home camera with speaker and microphone for 2-way talk

Real-Time 2-Way Talk

The FXC's built-in speaker and microphone allows for crystal-clear two-way communication. Use your phone or tablet, and speak with anyone at the other end of the camera. Audio recording also adds another dimension to your overall security monitoring, which can provide valuable details should an incident occur.*

*Please note, audio recording without consent is illegal in certain jurisdictions. FLIR assumes no liability for use of its products that does not conform with local laws.

WiFi camera with best night vision

Local MicroSD storage

The FXC comes with a microSD slot and 16 gigabyte memory card, meaning you can store footage locally as well as in the cloud. Rest assured knowing that your security video is easily accessible to you either way, and that your free FLIR Cloud basic plan means you'll always have up to 2 days worth of security video safely and securely backed up to the cloud.

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FLIR Secure

HD WiFi Security Camera Features:

  • 1/3" 4MP sensor with 5x digital zoom
  • 4MP Super HD (2680 x 1440) / 1080p (1920 x 1080)
  • Enhanced H.264 Encoding
  • 155° diagonal, 130° with dewarping
  • One (1) high-power infrared LED (850nm)
  • IR night vision range up to 40ft/12m
  • IR cut filter
  • Speaker and Microphone for two-way audio
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • 16GB microSD card included; microSDHC or microSDXC supported class 10 or higher
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F ~ 104°F / -10°C ~ 40°C
  • Wireless Requirements: WiFi 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz (WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption supported) / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, encrypted)
  • SSL video encryption
  • Connectivity Requirements: Wi-Fi connection / Broadband internet connection; min. 1 Mbps upload speed
  • Weight - 0.26lbs / 118g
  • FLIR SECURE App Requirements: iOS 7 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher / Supported browsers: IE10 or higher, Miscrosoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox

Each FLIR Secure Camera Includes:

1 × FLIR Secure Camera
1 × Mounting Plate
1 × Micro USB Cable
2 × Mounting Screws
2 × Drywall Anchors
3 × Cable Clips
1 × Power Adapter
1 × 16 GB MicroSD Card
Quick Start Guide
Safety Information

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Product Specifications - FXC101-HW Wireless Wifi Camera - English - French

Product Specifications - FXC101-HW Wireless Wifi Camera - English - Spanish

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FLIR Secure Super HD Wi-Fi security camera

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